Building Types

There are four main building types, according to theNYC’s Zoning Resolution: 1. attached, 2. detached, 3. semi-detached, and 4. zero lot line.

1. Attached buildings can either be one structure that abuts two side lot lines, or is one of a row of three or more buildings. Brooklyn’s brownstones or any similar residential structures arewould be considered attached buildings.


2. Detached buildings are freestanding and do not abut any other buildings. All sides are surrounded either by yards or open areas with the given zoning lot. Residential examples include suburban-style single family homes, but also include any residential, commercial or manufacturing use structures which sits entirely within a single zoning lot.


3. Semi-detached buildings abut or share one wall with another building on an adjoining zoning lot. While one side is shared down the middle of two zoning lots, the remaining three sides should be surrounded by either open areas or street lines. Examples of semi-detached buildings are most common throughout Queens.


4. Zero lot line buildings are freestanding buildings that abut one lot line on one side of a zoning lot, but touch no other building. These types of buildings may also be found in different single-family townhouses, rowhouses, and garden homes, where the side of the house meets the property of an adjacent lot.


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