Long Island Zoning Atlas

Multifamily developers exploring opportunities on Long Island can now access valuable insights through the Long Island Zoning Atlas. Developed collaboratively by Community Development Long Island, the Rauch Foundation, Long Island Community Foundation, and the CUNY Graduate Center, the interactive map offers an analysis of zoning regulations across the region.

Encompassing over 1,200 zoning districts spread across numerous towns, villages, and cities, the atlas provides detailed information on where various types of buildings are permitted. In addition to zoning details, the map includes data on current land use, providing information on areas with existing multifamily housing that may face restrictions today.

The Long Island Zoning Atlas provides a bird's-eye-view of zoning patterns across Long Island as well as detailed information for each of the 1,200+ individual zoning districts across Long Island's 13 towns, two cities, and almost 100 incorporated villages. The Atlas:

The primary observation from the atlas is the prevalence of permissions for single-family home development across much of Long Island. Outside of environmentally protected zones, single-family housing is permitted on 89% of Long Island's land area. This allowance allows developers to proceed without necessitating political approval or navigating complex bureaucratic procedures. (The Real Deal, 2023)

The atlas provides insights for developers, highlighting potential challenges and areas of opportunity. The prevalence of single-family home permissions underscores the limited options for multifamily projects. While the prevalence of single-family home permissions dominates the landscape, the limited areas open to more diverse housing options underscore the need for strategic planning and engagement with local authorities.

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