Mixed Use District

The mixed use district (MX district) is an area where mixed land uses are permitted. For instance, both residential and commercial uses can be allowed. The mixed use district allows people to live, work and enjoy all in one place, without having to go too far.

According to the old zoning regulations, every district was zoned differently in order to protect people in the residence district from potential (health) dangers deriving from commercial or manufacturing zones. Nowadays, mixed use zoning allows commercial or manufacturing uses beside residential units, as they are now more environmentally friendly. (Mixed-Use Zoning)

There are several advantages of the mixed use district. A first example, it permits multiple types of housing and decreases the prices of it. Also, it reduces the number of car use and air pollution by locating houses, work and entertainment places close to each other. And it helps to improve the economic situation by reducing the time spent on the road. (Mixed-Use Zoning)

One of the most popular types of rezoning in NYC is changing a manufacturing district into a mixed use district. After rezoning the manufacturing district into the mixed use district, all existing manufacturing areas are preserved while other uses fitted for the residential and commercial uses can be introduced. (Gaspar, Torrey, and Mangin, 2013)

There are several types of mixed use districts such as residential mixed use, office mixed use, neighborhood mixed use, neighborhood mixed use, commercial mixed use, downtown mixed use, and industrial mixed use. (Raleigh 4 All, 2019)

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