NEWS: Electronic Filing Set to be Mandatory for Most Building Permits and Applications in NYC

Starting Monday, June 8, all New Building and Alteration applications related to zoning and construction in NYC will no longer be accepted in-person at NYC’s Department of Buildings (DOB) borough offices. The decision comes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to significant shifts towards online work space and communication. (

Most new applications and permits must now be completed via the DOB’s Building Information System (BIS) e-filing portal called “The Hub”. The Hub was created in 2011 in order to modernize and streamline the application process for construction and renovation projects in NYC. It is now set to deal with nearly all building permits and applications citywide.

Payments and filing fees are also set to be entirely digitized by the 8th of June. These include: Benchmarking Violations, Immediately Hazardous Violation Civil Penalties, and Temporary Certificates of Occupancy Renewals.

The only applications that are still able to be submitted in-person after June 8th include builders pavement plans, full demolitions, landmarks, legalization, subdivision, and School Construction Authority.

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