R2 and R2A districts

There are ten different residence districts, ranging from R1 to R10. Each district has its own set of strict regulations that it needs to obey. Some districts permit larger bulks and denser houses, while others require the opposite. For example, the R1 allows lower density construction, while R10 requires higher density.

Another residence district is the R2 residence district, which in NYC allows the construction of single-family houses. The FAR in a R2 zoned district is 0,5, (which is similar to R1 zone) and the lots have a minimum width of 40 feet. The height regulations in the R2 zone is determined by the sky exposure plane and not by a predetermined fixed height. As for the parking: a private parking space or garage per house is allowed.

Some examples of R2 districts in NYC are: Floral Park in Queens, parts of City Island and Riverdale in the Bronx, and Westerleigh on Staten Island’s north shore. (NYC City Planning)

The specialized R2A district was first established in 2005. It allows the construction of single-family detached dwellings and is intended to preserve low-rise neighborhoods. It also applies a FAR of 0,5, which includes all spaces inside the building (including basement and attic space), which results in houses smaller than the houses with a similar FAR. While garages are not included in the calculation of FAR, they can reach up to 300 square feet. Also, R2A districts allow one off-street parking lot per house. (Property Shark)

An example of a lot located in a R2A district in NYC is 29-05 Union Street, which you can find under our sample cases.

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