The C7 Commercial District

The C7 district is a type of commercial district, which zoning is designated for bigger amusement parks and entertainment facilities. It also allows boating facilities and other big open and enclosed recreation, such as skating rinks, sports stadiums and miniature golf courses. Consequently, it does not allow residential and community facility uses.

The C7 district permits low-density development and its FAR is limited to 2.0. It has low requirements for off-street parking, and its use might depend on the specific location. (NYC Planning)

The districts in NYC start from West 24th Street and stretches until Seaside Park between Riegelmann Boardwalk and Surf Avenue.

An example of the C7 district in New York City is The Coney Island amusement park. In 2009 the New York City Council accepted the rezoning plan for Coney Island in order to make Coney Island a year-round amusement park. Its entertainment facilities stretch over 27-acre of amusement and entertainment ın C7 district. 9.4 acres of it is devoted only to freak shows, arcades, and roller coasters and other rides. It also allowed construction of high-rise hotels on Surf Avenue. Though the construction process was slowed down due to Hurricane Sandy that destroyed most coastal parts of NYC in 2012, including Coney Island. (NYC Planning, 2009), (Bagli, 2009)

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