The C8 Commercial District

The C8 district is a commercial area that allows both commercial and manufacturing uses. It is designed for larger commercial and automotive services that require big spaces. Common types of constructions located in this area are automobile showrooms, repair shops, storehouses, gas stations and car washes. The C8 district allows all commercial and industrial uses, as well as community facilities, but does not allow any residential use.

C8 zoning code has four sub districts; C8-1, C8-2, C8-3 and C8-4. The floor area ratio (FAR) in the C8 district varies from 1.0 in the C8-1 districts to 5.0 in C8-4 districts. The commercial FAR of C8-2 and C8-3 districts are 2. While C8-1 through C8-3 districts have strict parking requirements, the C8-4 district is normally exempt from parking requirements. (NYC Planning)

C8-1 to C8-2 commercial zones border with manufacturing zoning, and are located in NYC in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. C8-3 is mostly located in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, and C8-4 is mapped in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn. (Fontan, 2018)

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