Understanding Zoning Regulations and the Impact of Local Law 97

Local Law 97, also known as the Climate Mobilization Act, is a groundbreaking legislation introduced in certain cities in the US to combat climate change. It focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from large buildings, which are responsible for a significant portion of emissions. Under Local Law 97, buildings over a certain size must meet strict emissions limits or face penalties. This law aims to drive energy efficiency improvements, encourage renewable energy adoption, and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of the city. (nyc.gov, 2022)

Local Law 97 has far-reaching implications for property owners, developers, and the environment, offering opportunities for innovation and sustainability (improved insulation, efficient HVAC systems, and renewable energy installations). This can lead to reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs, and improved building performance. The law also encourages the development of new technologies and job creation in green industries.

“According to NYCC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability, highlights of Local Law 97 are:

The Climate Mobilization Act is expected to:

(nyc.gov, 2022)

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